The A77r brings the vintage ribbon sound to the A77 style.



CAD Audio reminisces a day gone by back to its roots of high design and stellar, cutting edge performance and styling’s of the A77. Reissuing patent #185,712 as a symbol of CAD Audios 85th anniversary celebration - The A77 reminds us that performance and style are key aspects of an artists success.
The A77 is a large diaphragm dynamic side address microphone equipped with a modern tribute to the original capsule - Updated with PowerGap™ high gauss magnet and a TrueFlex™ diaphragm. The update brings modern performance and results in a hot and articulate acoustic profile. 

The A77r brings the vintage ribbon sound to the A77 style. A large format ribbon surrounded by PowerGap high gauss magnets establish A77r as a new standard in live vocal ribbon performance.

TrueFlex™ diaphragm for articulate response
PowerGap™ Neodymium magnet for hot signal
Reimagined retro presentation of a classic


Muskego, WI 53150 


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