Affordable Digital Control

2-Way Active Sound-Reinforcement Loudspeakers

PreSonus AIR15


Clear, Accurate Sound for Mobile and Installed Systems

How well a speaker can adapt to installations depends on its rear-panel control options. AIR speakers are the only loudspeakers in their price range with the digital signal processing power needed to fully optimize themselves for a wide range of applications.

A dozen parameters can be customized with the touch of a button. A bright LCD screen eliminates guesswork as presets change the AIR15’s response for use as front-of-house main speakers, as monitor wedges, for music playback (great for DJs), for enhanced low end and a warmer sound, and for improved speech intelligibility. Treble and bass controls boost or cut by 10 dB to compensate for room anomalies. Location presets optimize performance for stand and bracket mounting, as well as flown installations. You can even turn the AIR’s front LED on and off.


A Fresh Approach to 15-inch Active 2-ways.

By employing different amplifier types for each driver, AIR15 loudspeakers use the respective strengths of Class D and Class A/B. A 500W Class D amplifier powers the 15-inch LF driver; a 200W Class AB amplifier drives the 1-inch HF driver, delivering a natural sounding, "AIR-y" high end.


Key features:

  • Hybrid 1,200W (peak) power amp configuration
  • 1-inch, high-frequency compression driver
  • 15-inch woofer with a 2-inch voice coil
  • 90° x 60° (horizontal x vertical) dispersion pattern
  • Maximum output: 121 dB SPL
  • Onboard mixer with two combo XLR and ¼” inputs and one summed, balanced output
  • Easy-to-use DSP presets (DSP, FOH, Monitor, Speech, Stand, Bracket, Suspend)
  • Multi-angle enclosure for mains or monitor-wedge applications
  • 33 mm pole socket with 7.5˚ downward tilt
  • M10 rigging points for suspended installation
  • Rugged plastic enclosure


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