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  • Our free PolarPilot app (Android and iOS) allows real-time wireless control over your analogue patterns, high-pass, and pad in realtime via Bluetooth
  • Save, recall, and share favourite settings
  • Discover and create 255 discrete polar patterns
  • One setting may be stored in OC818 for use without the PolarPilot app
  • The OC818 is always pure analogue: only the analogue bias voltages are being governed remotely
  • Switching also is always analogue
  • No digital in either the audio or bias paths. It’s everything you want, with none of what you don’t
  • 60 second OC818 clipping monitor/logger
  • Wireless control from the comfort of your chair

Austrian Audio OCR8: Bluetooth Dongle Remote Control Module

  • Optional remote control of OC818 via smart device
  • Bluetooth connectivity via phantom power
  • PolarPilot-App available for iOS or Android
  • Control polar patterns, pads and high pass-filters
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