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Small but mighty, the compact Intimidator Spot 110 is a lightweight LED moving head prefect for modest mobile applications. It features separate color and gobo wheels for creative programming but also easy-to-use sound-activated programs for dynamic light shows to sync to the music. Built-in automated programs are also on board the Intimidator Spot 110 and it’s easy to generate a synchronized show in Master/Slave mode. Fits best in the CHS-40 VIP gear bag.

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 110: 10 W Led Lightweight Moving Head

  • Extremely compact and lightweight LED moving head perfect for mobile applications

  • Separate color and gobo wheels allow for creative programming

  • Sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music

  • Generate a synchronized show in Master/Slave mode with built-in automated programs

  • Fits best in the CHS-40 VIP gear bag

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