German D Grand Exp ROM option for PC3K Series

Expertly sampled and voiced by our industry-leading sound designers


The German D Grand Exp ROM option injects the acclaimed PC3K* with all new acoustic piano samples derived from the Artis® Stage Piano series.

• Expertly sampled and voiced by our industry-   leading sound designers. 
• 31 new piano programs and 16 Setups. 
• User-installable.



  • Installing the German D Grand EXP replaces the original 128 MB PC3K flash memory board that ships with the PC3K. You will not be able to use user sample data while the German D Grand EXP is installed (please see the "German D Grand Exp Installation Instructions" for complete details).
  • *Not for the PC3 or PC3LE series.

KURZWEIL German D Grand Exp


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