500W, 2x12" Powered Extention Cabinet


All MBP models feature the same plywood construction, digital power supplies and power amplifiers, high frequency transducer and U.S.A. made speakers as their MB Combo counterparts. Unlike passive extension cabinets that get their power from the amp they are connected to, MBP cabinets use their own onboard amplifier to provide up to 500 watts of additional output.       


Tuned Port and Light Weight

Our design team tuned the port for optimum performance while coupled to the cabinets specific designed speaker. Plywood construction, aluminum chassis, switch mode power supply and power amp deliver 500W performance in a rugged 41lb package. 


Drivers By GK

Special drivers with 2.5" edge wound aluminum voice coils, designed just for this cabinet, manufactured in the GK USA factory


GK 212MBP 500W, 2x12" Powered Cabinet

SKU: 303-0730-A

● 500 watts ● 2x12” neodymium speakers ● 26.75 x 19.5” x 14.75” ● 39 lbs