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73 Key Music Workstation


KROME, the best-selling synth focused on packing the most usable sounds into an easy to use platform, has received a major refresh. Updated to meet the needs of the current music scene, KROME EX has a special emphasis on sounds that can immediately fit into productions of all types. In addition to standard sounds that will never grow old, KROME EX provides numerous new programs and PCM data, including piano programs prepared specifically for this product. This instrument provides high-quality and immediately-usable sounds that take full advantage of the KROME's high performance specs. The new body also features a newly revamped build and look to accompany the new sounds. A music workstation for gigging musicians and producers of all stripes. The KROME EX.


  • The best of the basics
  • KROME EX is equipped with sounds intended for longevity, such as the piano and electric piano
  • as well as drums that are indispensable for a workstation.
  • Equipped with new grand piano sounds that build on the success of the original KROME
  • Electric pianos with beautiful warmth and realism
  • Drum sounds with fine-tune control over resonance
  • Drum Tracks deliver realistic grooves
  • Dual polyphonic arpeggiators
  • Expertly created, in-demand sounds including 896 Programs and 512 Preload Combinations
  • 16 track sequencer, auto song setup, and real time pattern/play recording
  • KROME EX 61 and 73 models feature a semi-weighted keyboard
  • An aluminum panel that stands out on stage, and design that feels substantial and solid
  • KROME EX’s huge 800 x 480 pixel TouchView Color display ensures great visibility
  • You can connect KROME EX to your computer via USB or an SD card to easily transfer MIDI data.

Korg Krome EX 73 Workstation Used – B-Stock

$1,199.99 Regular Price
$899.99Sale Price
  • KROME-73 Semi Weighted Keyboard. Velocity sensitive is supported, after touch is not supported.
  • System EDS-X(Enhanced Definition Synthesis - eXpanded)
  • Sounds Maximum Polyphony 120 voices (120 Oscillators)
  • PCM Memory 4 GB (In case of 48 kHz, 16-bit Linear PCM converted)
  • 728 multisamples (including 44 Stereo multi-samples)
  • 2,502 drumsamples (including 574 Stereo Drumsamples )
  • Combination Timbre Number: Max 16. For each Timbre, keyboard and velocity split/layer/crossfades.
  • KROME EX can act as a Master Keyboard able to control external MIDI devices
  • User Combination: 768 Combination (512 Preload)
  • User Program: 1536 Program (896 Preload)
  • User Drum Kit: 80 Drum Kit (48 Preload)
  • Preset Program 256 GM2 Program + 9 GM2 Drums Program
  • Drum Track Preset Patterns: 710 patterns, 1000 user patterns
  • Sequencer Tracks: 16-track + 1 master track Number of Songs: 128 Songs
  • AUDIO OUTPUT (L / MONO, R): 6.3mm (Mono) Phone jack, Unbalanced.
  • Headphone Output: 3.5mmStereo phone jack.
  • Control Input DAMPER pedal (Half Damper supported) ASSIGNABLE SWITCH ASSIGNABLE PEDAL
  • MIDI: IN, OUT USB: USB-MIDI Interface (TYPE B) x 1
  • SD Card Slot Max: 2 GB / SD Memory Card is supported Max: 32 GB/ SDHC Memory Card is supported
  • Power: Power supply (DC12V 3.5A), POWER switch
  • KROME EX-73: 1,191 mm × 313 mm × 93 mm / 46.89 x 12.32 x 3.66 inches
  • KROME EX-73: 8.2kg / 18.08 lbs.
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