Just Plain Sexy!

Lakland Chi-Sonic Jazz Pickups and Two New Colors Make These New Bases From Lakeland Stand Out With Classic Styling.


Protect your Investment

A merger of sorts. We crossed the body style and accurate vintage neck shape of the 44-60 with our own hand-built Chi-Sonic single coil pickups, which feature a fundamentally different pickup design than the vintage spec single coils. The tone is big, with clear and bright upper midrange, making this a super punchy and articulate bass.

  • Big, clear tone with a bright upper midrange
  • Features Lakland’s hand built Chi-Sonic pickups
  • Available Hipshot Bass Xtender (D-Tuner)

The J-Sonic 4 has been described by recording engineers as having a tone that already sounds “well produced,” right out of the amp. The chrome narrow shell pickups have a very unique and look and sound.


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