Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Lewitt LCT 140



A perfect choice for instrument recording

The LCT 140 is a compact 2/3" back-electret condenser microphone. Its low-mass diaphragm delivers an exceptionally clear and natural sound. It is the perfect fit for drums, percussion and acoustic instruments - onstage and in the studio.

Small diaphragm for big recordings

The LCT 140 is an extremely versatile, easy-to-use, compact 2/3" back-electret condenser microphone that is perfectly suited for quality-conscious users. Its low-mass diaphragm delivers an exceptionally clear and natural sound, making it the perfect fit for acoustic instruments including drums and percussion. The LCT 140's uniform cardioid pickup pattern effectively suppresses off-axis sound. Its linear frequency response and high dynamic range result in transparent and distortion-free sound recordings. The LED display can optionally be switched on and off for better handling in different environments. In short, the LCT 140 is an extremely versatile all-round microphone.

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