Standalone 64 step analogue step sequencer with a host of unique features that sets it apart from others

Analogue Solutions Megacity

  • Megacity is a VLF 64 step true analogue sequencer.

    The steps can be played in series from step 1 to 64 – series mode, or, 2 channels of 32 steps, parallel mode.

    The sequencer can also be split into two halves, L and R, and these halves can then be played in parallel. This then provides two channels of CV and Gate, each with their own Glide, Range, Quantise, CV and Gate controls/sockets.

    When in parallel mode, channel R (steps 33 to 64) can be set to play at half or a quarter of the speed of channel L.

    There is a Fill-in mode, which allows channel R to act as a fill in pattern to provide bar to bar variation, typically lost with analogue sequencers, outside of basic transposition. When manually triggered via push button, or via MIDI note 03, or via an external voltage channel R will play instead of channel L.

    The sequencer can be clocked by an internal VC analogue clock (VCLFO) or via an external voltage (eg. External LFO). The clock speed can be changed using a control voltage.

    Megacity can easily be integrated with a MIDI sequencer or DAW. It can be synchronised via a sequence of MIDI notes 00.

    Megacity features 64 CV controls, 64 Gate channel select switches and 64 Reset/Jump switches.

    Built in quantiser – this can be used to quantise the CV notes into semitones.

    MIDI out – Megacity will send MIDI notes to your MIDI synth.


    Why Do I need this sequencer? What’s So Special?

    Megacity is formatted differently and operates differently than other step sequencer.

    Traditionally step sequencers run horizontally from left to right then loop back to step one. You can make the pattern shorter, but generally that’s it.

    Megacity patterns run vertically downwards in columns. As the end of each column is played, the next to the right is played.

    Megacity has a unique Jump system. When a Jump switch is on, the rest of the column’s steps are bypassed and the sequencer jumps straight to the start of the next column

    These two features in particular as familiar enough ways of working to be intuitive, but different enough to force you to work and think in a slightly different way. The end result is you will get sequences and patterns that you might not have created otherwise.


    More Variation

    Many step sequencers can start to sound repetitive since it’s usually the same single pattern looping endlessly.

    Megacity allows you to split the sequencer in half and use the right half as a Fill-In pattern to add variation, much like vintage drum machines.

    These Fills are activated via a MIDI note, Push Button, or via a trigger pulse from an external modular.


    Megacity’s format and Jump switches, combined with excellent features like Fill-In, Quantisers, Split sequencers and other features makes Megacity a great sequencer package.


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