Introducing a new speaker concept for the modern guitarist. Equally at home as a backline cabinet, or as a rear-firing stage monitor, run it as an extension, or mount any Quilter “Block” style amplifier in the rear docking bay to make a powerful grab and go 200 watt combo.


Dual MicroPro 8-inch speakers handle 200W with full bodied bass, crisp treble, and excellent dispersion, assisted by the 20-degree baffle tilt. Tote it onstage and easily outperform cumbersome 4x12 rigs!


Traditional multi-speaker guitar combos have narrow dispersion patterns, and cranking them up leaves the audience in pain and the sound man angry. The Frontliner 2x8w’s 20 degree speaker angle and ultra wide dispersion aim your tone where you need it instead of blasting the front row. Front mounted speakers, solid one-piece construction, and closed back cuts down on unwanted reflections and make your sound cleaner and more focused.

Quilter Frontliner 2x8w: Compact 200 watt 2x8 cabinet with Block Dock.