Invigorating wash + beam + graphic effects

Blizzard Stiletto I7


Endless Features

Fitted with 7x ultra-bright OSRAM® 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs, the Stiletto™ I7 moving head is jam-packed with features, like the 4°- 60° beam angle with the ability to produce a narrow-to wide zoomable wash and a sharp parallel beam. Add in infinite bidirectional lens rotation plus 540/270° pan/tilt to the mix for even more spectacular aerial effects.

Take Full Control

The Stiletto™ I7’s 5-button LCD control panel allows you to set the fixture to run automatically in your choice of 3 auto modes or 2 sound active modes. Alternatively, control via 22/55-channel DMX to gain full control of every aspect including zoom, lens rotation, strobe, pan/tilt, color macros, effect shape selection, speed, fade, color, shape offset between multiple fixtures, plus dedicated shape effect foreground and background dimmers. DMX mode also allows quick access to linear CTO presets (2500k-8000K) and 4 dimming curves, plus, each of the LEDs are individual controllable for pixel mapping in 55-channel DMX mode!

• 7x 15W ultra-bright OSRAM® 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs 
• Pan: 540°/ Tilt: 270° (8-16 Bit Resolution) 
• Variable 4-60° beam angle 
• Moving beam, wash, or kaleido effects 
• Infinite bidirectional rotating lens 
• Built-in auto and sound active programs 
• Ultra-smooth 32-bit dimming 
• Internal fan cooling system 
• Easy-to-use 5-button LCD control panel 
• powerCON® compatible

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