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Excellent condition, original manufacturers packaging, manual, ac cable and a one year wnty incl.

Authorized Waldorf dealer.


  • Hybrid analog-digital polyphonic synthesizer
  • 61-note Fatar TP/8SK poly-aftertouch keybed
  • Bitimbral functionality for keyboard splits and layering
  • 8-voices with analog filters, 16-voices with digital filters
  • 3 oscillators per-voice with five modes each
  • Wavetable: the tried-and-true Waldorf approach, incorporating the latest features like speech synthesis and wavetable generation from audio files
  • Waveform: classic subtractive synthesis wave shapes with detuning, warp, unison, hard sync, and more
  • Particle: multi-sampling combined with granular synthesis
  • Resonator: deep physical modeling capabilities
  • Kernel: digital modular environment for custom FM, AM, PM synthesis arrangements and more
  • Dual analog lowpass filters per voice, 12dB or 24dB slopes, and numerous link modes
  • Digital former: analog filter models, comb filters, distortion, bitcrushing, and more
  • Flexible touch-routing system for highly custom audio configurations
  • Six LFOs
  • Six envelope generators
  • Komplex Modulator with blendable, multisage LFOs
  • Deep modulation matrix
  • Five master FX slots for delays, reverbs, and more
  • Step sequencer and arpeggiator
  • Microtonality and alternate tuning ssupported through Scala files
  • USB MIDI Host and Device ports

Waldorf Quantum MKII Digital/Analog Hybrid Polyphonic Synthesizer Used – Mint

$5,999.00 Regular Price
$4,799.20Sale Price
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