The new Wavedrum Global Edition represents the next—and most powerful—evolution in the Wavedrum family. It boasts the largest palette of cutting-edge sounds of any Wavedrum to date; with sought-after percussion sounds from around the world, a major boost in the quality of each sound, and dramatic improvements in usability.


  • 2nd Generation Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer that provides unparalleled musical expression
  • A sound engine that combines DSP-powered algorithms with PCM sounds to allow versatile and highly flexible performances
  • A pressure sensor and multiple pickups capture the subtle nuances of your strikes on the head and rim, generating expressive power and new sounds
  • Increased pickup precision provides improved dynamic range for low and high pitches, as well as enhanced response for soft sounds, making the instrument more sensitive
  • Play different sounds from the head and rim, or apply pressure effects on the head to create performance techniques that are possible only on the Wavedrum
  • 200 preset programs cover a vast range of sounds from classic percussion to unique and novel sounds.
  • 200 user programs are available for storing customized sounds and settings
  • A new input sensitivity parameter has been added, supporting a wide range of users from beginners to pros
  • Fundamental sounds such as acoustic instruments have been enhanced
  • Live Mode stores up to 12 settings (4 favorite programs x 3 Banks) for instant recal
  • Compact and light-weight design; use as an individual instrument, or mixed in with a traditional drum kit or any performance/percussion rig
  • 140 loop phrases of various genres allow Wavedrum users to jam along or practice to them
  • AUX input allows monitoring or mixing of any audio source–CD, MP3, even a second Wavedrum

KORG Wavedrum Global Edition


DSP Algorithms

60 Total (Single-size 26 +Double-size 34)

PCM instruments

400 Total (Head 200 + Rim 200)


400 Total (200 Presets + 200 Users)

Loop Phrases



Reverb, Delay

Panel Controls

Volume knob, Write button, Buttons 1-4, BANK/MODE button, VALUE knob

Audio Outputs

Output L, R (Monaural phone jack), Headphones (Stereo mini phone jack)

Audio Input

AUX IN (Stereo mini phone jack)


3-character, 7-segment LED

Sampling frequency

48 kHz

A/D, D/A Conversion

24 bit

Power Supply

DC9V, 1.7A

(W x D x H)

344 × 349 × 75 mm / 13.54 x 13.74 x 2.95 inches


2.0 kg / 4.41 lbs.


AC Adapter, Tuning key, Allen wrench, Accessory Disc including PDF manuals (Quick Start Guide, Parameter Guide)


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