W-DMX™ + Skywire™ 2.4GHz Wireless DMX Receiver

Blizzard wiCICLE AnyFi™


Time to Go Cableless

That’s why Blizzard Lighting has developed the wiCICLE®AnyFi™ wireless DMX receiver with both Skywire™ and W-DMX™wireless capabilities! The wiCICLE® AnyFi™ Wireless DMX receiver is a teeny-tiny, really powerful, really useful tool for ditching the cables. Just think: no more becoming wrapped from head to toe in DMX cables and struggling to escape for hours on end. *Whew* Plus, It boasts a lengthy reception range of over 1000 ft (line-of-sight) for little lag time!

Ultra Stable

The wiCICLE® AnyFi™ is able to receive either ultra-stable, Wireless Solutions AB™ W-DMX 2.4 GHz ISM; Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) wireless DMX signals, or Blizzard Lighting's own Skywire™ 7-channel wireless 2.4 GHz band frequencies. With its color coded LED status indicator, wiCICLE® AnyFi™ frequencies will match up perfectly to any Blizzard wiCICLE™, and/or Skywire™ enabled product. An additional 6-channel color coded 2.4GHz wireless GZ mode (not directly compatible with Skywire) is also installed that will sync up with other 6-channel enabled AnyFi™ products.


• Wireless Solution® W-DMX™ compatible receiver 
• Built-in wiCICLE Skywire™ 7-channel wireless receiver 
• Up to 7 systems may operate simultaneously without interference using Skywire™ 
• 2.4GHz ISM operation + frequency hopping W-DMX™ 
• Outstanding range of over 1000 ft. (line-of-sight) 
• Easy to use, powerful and small in size 
• Zero Lag Time 
• Automatic channel selection 
• Really, extremely simple operation. 
• FCC Compliant 
• Operates seamlessly with all Blizzard wireless products

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