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Maximum performance at an attractive price.


Looking for the best possible sound for the stage?  You’ll find it with the OD303, the latest dynamic vocal microphone from Austrian Audio.

Austrian Audio has designed a stage microphone that concentrates on the absolute essentials: the best sound for your voice!


The well-balanced, open, but at the same time powerful sound is unparalleled at this price point.

With its rugged construction, the OD303 will withstand daily use in the rehearsal room and the rigors of a hard touring life without problem. The die-cast housing is almost indestructible and the microphone fits perfectly in the hand.


The OD303 also follows the renowned Open Acoustic technology of Austrian Audio which provides an optimally-shaped supercardioid polar pattern across a wide frequency band with excellent feedback stability. Also, the widely-used technique of holding the microphone close to the head-grille does not affect or change the sound. FOH  sound engineers will greatly appreciate this feature!


Equipped with the Austrian Audio ODC50 dual capsule – unique at this price – handling noise and stage vibrations at low frequencies are significantly reduced.  In addition, the proprietary 3D Pop noise diffuser, developed by Austrian Audio, reduces noise caused by explosive sounds such as “T” and “P” to a minimum.

Austrian Audio OD303: Dynamic Vocal Microphone


ODC50 dynamic capsule

  • state-of-the-art dual capsule design

3D Pop Noise Diffusor

  • specially designed, this filter effectively reduces the impact of plosives.

Rugged die-cast body

  • for the most challenging live environments

Optimal shaped supercardioid

  • polar pattern across a wide frequency band with excellent feedback stability
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