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With the OD5, Austrian Audio introduces an active-dynamic microphone optimised for use on instruments.


Handmade in Vienna and subject to the strictest quality assurance processes, the OD5 instrument microphone once again comes with some special features in the usual Austrian Audio manner.


Most noticeable is the “Swivel Joint” mechanism. To simplify the positioning of the instrument microphone, Austrian Audio’s engineers have developed a suspension system for the microphone basket that allows a 220° rotation of the field. This allows the microphone to be precisely aligned to the sound source or according to personal sound preferences.


A feature already known from the OD505 vocal microphone is the active-dynamic circuit. This ensures that even long cable runs have no negative effect on the signal. In addition, the active-dynamic design allows the integration of a proper high-pass filter.


As a very versatile instrument microphone, the OD5 will find many uses. Perfectly suited for use on various drums, it’s also superb on guitar amplifiers, as well as in front of wind instruments.

Made in Vienna. Again.

Austrian Audio OD5: Active Dynamic Instrument Microphone


Active dynamic Microphone

  • ensures that even long cable runs have no negative effect on the signal.

Innovative Swivel Joint

  • allows 220° rotation of the microphone basket

Rugged die-cast body

  • ideal for the most challenging live environments

Directional characteristic

  • High Precision Cardioid

Switchable high pass filter

  • 80 Hz (2nd order), 120 Hz (2nd order)


  • -10 dB
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