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Historic Heart, Modern Spirit


The lineage of the Black Cat goes all the way back to the original boutique guitar amplifier designed and built in Southern California. It was overbuilt and overspec’d and made to be the sonic successor to one of the most legendary and coveted amps from the early 1960s. Now Bad Cat has gone back to the drawing board. The inspiration for the new Black Cat was to deliver on the original promise. The goal was to capture all that is magical about the original designs, all while utilizing modern engineering and manufacturing advances to fit the needs of the modern player. 


The new Black Cat features two unique channels with bias-modulated tremolo and studio quality reverb. Channel 1, a more traditional Black Cat sound, is bright and clear without being harsh. It is very responsive, complex in midrange character and delivers the sound you know and expect from this amplifier design. Channel 2 has all of the complexity and chime of channel one but achieves heavy overdrive, while preserving our signature string-to-string note definition. 


The new Black Cat is subtle and beautiful. It is an achievement in timeless tone. 

Bad Cat Black Cat Combo: 20w, All Tube, 12" Custom Celestion

SKU: BCP-2207-K112-120V
  • Designed and Built in Costa Mesa, California

  • Custom Hand-wound Bad Cat Transformers

  • 20 Watts - 2 x EL84 Cathode-biased

  • 2 Channels - Clean and Overdrive

  • Channel-dedicated VOLUME and MASTER Controls

  • Global TREBLE, BASS, and CUT Controls

  • Bias-modulated Tremolo with INTENSITY and SPEED Controls

  • Studio Quality Reverb

  • Buffered Effects Loop

  • 1 x 12” Celestion V30 “Bad Cat Custom” Speaker (Combo only)

  • Two Button Footswitch and Slip Cover Included

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