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LITE2466-5 is a pre-assembled, 0.177-inch thick, 5-panel economy drum shield system. Unlike our standard ClearSonic panels, these panels are unfinished. This means the edges of the shields have not been machined and there are no cable cut-outs in the lower corners.  Because the sharp edges of the acrylic have not been removed, we strongly recommend that you use gloves and take additional care when handling LITE CSP in order to reduce the risk of hand injuries. Please note that this drum shield is thinner than our standard (1/4-in thick) panels and is NOT designed to support our height extenders and LidPac assemblies.

While missing some of the features of our standard CSP systems, LITE CSP is backed by our standard warranty and so offers a quality low cost alternative shield system for customers with challenging budgets. We still believe our more expensive standard CSP shields are a better long term value, however. 

Clearsonic LITE2466-5 5 Panel 5.5' High Economy Sheild

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