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This 22-inch wide x 24-inch high baffle is designed to be attached to a CSP or they can be used as wall and ceiling treatment. Four adhesive-backed Velcro strips are included.


1.6-inch thick SORBER sound absorption baffles outperform the industry standard 1-inch thick baffles by at least 50%, and are especially efficient at absorbing lower frequencies. SORBER baffles feature a compressed fiberglass core that is encased in a tough Velcro-receptive charcoal gray cloth and are available in free-standing, Velcro-tackable or booth lid system models. SORBER also can be attached to walls and hung from the ceiling to dramatically improve room acoustics.

All SORBER products are extremely efficient at soaking up sound and enjoy Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings greater than 90%.

    Clearsonic S2224 22x24 inch 1.6-inch thick SORBER sound absorption baffle

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