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The 4 cable method

The 4 cable method is a way to connect guitar pedals and amps for maximum flexibility. It allows you to use both the preamp and effects loop of your amplifier along with your pedalboard. Benefits include accessing both preamp and postamp effects, achieving cleaner signal routing, and maintaining better control over your sound.

To use it, connect your guitar to the pedalboard's input, then use separate cables for the pedalboard's send and return to the amp's effects loop, and finally connect the output of your pedalboard to the amp's input.

This setup enables you to place effects before and after the amp's preamp section, offering more sonic possibilities.

 The 4 cable method involves integrating your multi-effects pedal with your amplifier's preamp and effects loop. Here's a general guide:.

1. Guitar: Plug your guitar into the input of the multi-effects pedal.

2. Send/Return: Use two sets of cables - one set connects the Send and Return on your amp's effects loop to the Send and Return on your multi-effects pedal. This allows you to access the amp's preamp and use the pedal's effects in the loop.

3. Amp Input/Output: Use the remaining cable from the multi-effects pedal's Output to the input of your amplifier. This carries the processed signal back into the amp.

4. Ordering: Within the pedal's settings, arrange the effects so that preamp/distortion effects come before the amp input, and time-based/modulation effects come after the amp's preamp, typically in the effects loop.

Each pedal may have slightly different input and output configurations, so consult the manual of your specific multi-effects pedal for accurate instructions.

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