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The Alto Professional Stealth Pro is a state-of-the-art wireless solution that eliminates the need for speaker cabling and offers even greater performance capabilities than the already outstanding original Stealth Wireless system.With Stealth Pro, it’s easy to add wireless audio connectivity to any active loudspeaker, obviating the necessity for long, complex cable runs, simplifying setup and teardown, saving time—all without any compromise in audio quality.

The system works perfectly well through walls, floors and ceilings, providing setup flexibility that far exceeds conventional hard-wired systems.Stealth Pro contains a single dual-channel transmitter with a 2-antenna system (either dual mono or stereo switchable) for true diversity operation.

A front panel LCD screen with dual frequency display conveniently shows the RF frequency and channel as well as the AF signal level for each channel.The trim-sized unit is easily 1U rack-mountable, with two units fitting side-by-side in a 19-inch rack. The Stealth Pro adds wireless connectivity to nearly any active loudspeaker system. In addition, the Stealth Wireless Series greatly reduces the setup time of a traveling or temporary sound system by eliminating the need for lengthy and unsightly cable runs that may otherwise interfere with the dance floor, patrons, or venue staff.Stealth Pro can be set for mono or stereo use.

Two XLR + balanced TRS 1/4-inch combo inputs on the transmitter accommodate the main outputs from nearly any mixing board or console. Each of the receiving units has a single XLR output to send the signal to a powered speaker array or a traditional amplifier-and-speaker combo. Two receivers are included with the system.

They feature slim-line metal housings, dual removable and swiveling hinged antennae, delay line functionality and a Feature Lock Switch to prevent unintended operation once the system is configured.For sound professionals, setup time and simplicity are of paramount importance. But any reduction in audio quality for the sake of convenience is totally unacceptable. Stealth Pro delivers exactly what professionals demand—faster setup/ teardown, LCD displays for instant visual confirmation of system configuration, and uncompromised audio quality.Dual-channel UHF Transmission and True Diversity reception for mission critical applications


  • Replace audio cable runs of more than 200 feet (61 meters)
  • Auto frequency scan and sync between transmitter and receiver units
  • Backlit dual LCD displays with RF and AF metering
  • Aluminum and steel enclosures and removable antennae
  • Switchable stereo or dual mono operation
  • Built-in delay line functionality for hassle-free delay stacks configuration
  • Rack-mountable transmitter with optional front panel ntenna placement
  • Trim size is easily 1U rack-mountable; two fit side-by-side in 19” rack
  • Two XLR + balanced TRS 1/4" combo inputs
  • Single XLR output sends the signal to powered speaker array a traditional amplifier-and-speaker combo




  • 2‐antenna (dual mono or stereo switchable) operation
  • Removable rear‐mounted antennas
  • 1U Rack‐mountable metal housing, allowing 2 units to be mounted side‐by‐side in a 19” rack. Rack kit includes BNC connectors for attaching antennas at the front of the rack
  • Front panel LCD screen with dual frequency display. Displays RF frequency, RF channel and AF signal level for each channel
  • IR channel pairing
  • Push‐Button controls for: Auto, +, ‐ Set and Volume
  • Switchable Dual Mono or Stereo operating modes
  • (2) XLR rear panel combo jack inputs
  • Internal power supply design with IEC connector on rear panel
  • Front‐panel rocker type power switch
  • Padded zipper bag
  • Rack ears with integrated BNC connectors included
  • BNC extension cables included
  • Dual unit rack mount kit optional


  • Slim‐line metal housing
  • LCD displays on receivers. Displays AF signal levels and RF frequency and level strength
  • Dual removable and swivel‐able hinged antennas
  • Delay line functionality
  • Squelch function
  • Feature lock switch
  • Mini male XLR output with 3‐foot cables included
  • Controls for: Auto, Delay, +, ‐, L/R, SQ and Set
  • Padded zipper bag for transport
  • Low‐gauge rubber coated power cable with latch connector at receiver
  • Single‐space AC plug, non‐polarized
  • M10 mounting point plus velcro mounting materials included
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