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The Fusion S Series Heads are GK’s brand new Class D Model heads with a tube preamp. The rich warmth of tubes combined with the quick, punchy power section that GK bass amps are known for is an experience like no other. These high powered heads incorporate three 12ax7 tubes in the preamp, including one dedicated to the overdrive channel, making it GK’s first ever tube driven overdrive channel. Illuminated knobs add an extra level of sophistication and design by not only making it easier to dial in your tone on stage and but adding a beautiful stage presence as well. Each illuminated knob is also push activated, with additional voicing filters and tonal characteristics built in.

Like the Legacy Series, the Fusion S series uses a unique interconnection system that eliminates problems that can develop over time from constant vibration and temperature extremes that gear is subjected to with heavy use. Using circuit boards with gold plated connectors, rather than cables with standard tin connectors, this type of construction delivers a more pure, reliable sound. Features include GK's classic 4 band EQ, tube Overdrive complete with tone shaping, additional push button voicing filters such as "Bump", "Contour", and "Presence", Balanced DI with Pre and Post EQ, an Effects Loop, Aux and Headphone connections, and Load capacity selection, to deliver optimum power into 2, 2.7, 4 and 8ohm cabinet configurations.


Tube Overdrive

We have avoided putting a sound effect into the amplifier that may be out of style next year. Instead we use two tube stages set up like the input stage of a tube power amp. So when it is hit hard you get a breakup similar to a tube power amp. We have added body and edge controls to help you shape the sound to your situation.


Status Indicators

Status indicators tell you if there is a shorted output (oc) or over heated (ot) condition. Also, the standby indicator (stby) shows white when the power is off indicating the mains supply is good. If the input is overdriven the indicator on the trim knob will flash red.


Comprehensive I/O

Fusion heads come with a complete patch bay. The balanced DI has selectable Pre/Post and ground lift switches. Phones and Aux In are 1/8” jacks to accommodate the most common jacks used for these features. Tuner, Footswitch, Send and Return are all ¼” to better accommodate these connections. The included Footswitch turns the Overdrive Chanel on and off.


Active Four-Band EQ

All GK amplifiers use a proprietary active, variable Q, serial four band equalizer. The Fusion is no exception except we use three tube stages as the active elements. Using tubes in the equalizer brings a warmth to the sound that compliments the already wide ranging and useful response. To further enhance the equalizer range we have added voicing filters on each section activated by pushing the control changing the color from white to blue.


Trim Control

To get the best match between your instrument and the Fusion we have included an adjustable input trim control. When this is adjusted so the clip light only flashes occasionally you have the perfect setup for your instrument. In addition two distinct amplifier voices can be selected by pressing the trim control (white is classic and blue is modern).

GK FUSION 800S: 800 watt ultralight head, switch mode power amp, six sta

  • Tube Preamp with (3) 12ax7s

  • Four band active EQ

  • Foot Switchable Tube Overdrive with Tone Control (Footswitch Included)

  • Illuminated Knobs with Push Activation

  • "Bump", "Contour", and "Presence" Push Button Voicing Filters

  • Balanced XLR Output with Pre and Post EQ

  • Unbalanced ¼” Send and Return

  • Aux Input and Headphones Output

  • Twist Lock Speaker Outputs

  • 2, 2.7, 4 and 8ohm Load Capacity

  • 11.5” Width x 11” Depth x 2 3/8” Height for All Models

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