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Ultra Portable Performance

Effortless transport for rehearsals and 350 watts of power through the 2x10 inch speakers (500 watts with extension) suitable for a broad range of venues. Tough vinyl covering protected with metal corners provide lasting protection.

Switch Mode Power

Extremely light weight switch mode power supply and power amp deliver 350W internally and 500W with an extension cabinet.

Drivers By GK

Special drivers with 2 inch edge wound aluminum voice coils, designed just for this cabinet, manufactured in the GK USA factory.

Ultra Light Weight

Plywood construction, aluminum chassis, switch mode power supply and power amp deliver 500W performance in a rugged 35lb package. Each speaker is isolated in it's own chamber eliminating tone robbing standing waves and sound leakage through the cabinet walls.


Balanced DI with pre/post switch, aux in and headphone output for silent practice plus extension speaker jack and "chain out" to drive GK's MBP powered enclosures.

GK MB 210-II 500W 2x10" U. L. Combo

SKU: 303-0550-C

Output Power:

  • 350W@8 Ohms (internal)
  • 500W@4 Ohms (w/extension)

Input Section:
Maximum Input Level

  • 0.6V rms

Input Impedance

  • 1M Ohms

Direct Output Impedance

  • 500 Ohms

Aux-in Input Impedance

  • 100K Ohms


  • +/-10dB@60Hz


  • +6dB/-10dB@250Hz


  • +6dB/-10dB@1KHz


  • +/-14dB @ 7KHz

Voicing Filters:

  • +2dB@50Hz/-10dB@500Hz/
  •  +3dB @ 7 KHz


  • -90 dB reference to 500W/350, ‘A’ weighted

Dimensions (HxWxD):

  • 23”x19”x14.5”


  • 35 lbs
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