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KingKORG, the acclaimed and powerful Virtual Analog synth, is back in a compact 37 Full-size key model with fresh, new sounds, great vocoder, and a refreshed new look.

Introducing the KingKORG NEO, a virtual analogue synth that stands in a league of its own. Designed for today's musician, this compact powerhouse combines a classic analogue-like synth layout with swift, intuitive editing, offering an unmatched level of depth and flexibility.

With its XMT sound engine, 37 full-size keys, dynamic vocoder, and a suite of user-friendly features, the KingKORG NEO is more than just a synthesizer; it's a comprehensive tool for artists who aspire to explore new realms of sound and push the boundaries of musical creativity.

Korg KingKORG NEO: Virtual Analog synth

  • Powerful sound engine boasts flexibility
  • Crafting character with iconic modelled filters
  • Vocoder wizardry
  • Built-in preset programs adaptable to the contemporary music scene
  • Masterful effects
  • Virtual patch function
  • Step arpeggiator function
  • Favorites function for convenience in live performance
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