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The HAMMOND M-3, L-100 and M-100 were the first instruments for so many of the HAMMOND Family, both Professional and Casual. Small in size, but formidable in power, the “M and L” series had the same “DNA” as the mighty mighty B-3, C-3, and A-100 models. If you were a fan of “Green Onions” or “Gimme Some Lovin'”, you were listening to a Hammond “M or L”. Back then, Hammond created the M & L series to make the Hammond sound available to everyone.

Now, in the spirit of the original “M and L”, Hammond introduces the “M-solo”,

the lightest and most compact true Hammond Organ ever produced.


The 8-pound (less than a Fender Strat™) M-solo features 49 keys, driving our “MTW II” Drawbar engine as found in our XK-4 Organ. All the essential HAMMOND ingredients are aboard, like traditional Drawbars,  Vibrato-Chorus (C1,C2,C3 etc.) and Touch-response percussion. Our virtual “Multi-Touch” keybed provides the “real-deal” B-3 playing feel. Convenient transpose and octave shift controls along with 3 user-programmable preset tabs make any performance easy. Our high-definition digital LESLIE™ is on hand, completing the tone which has thrilled musicians and audiences since 1940.

There’s MORE!

There are three period-accurate models of the most popular transistor “Combo Organs” aboard, able to be registered in the same manner as the originals. Rounding out the Spec are a 70’s-type String ensemble, and an analog-style polysynth with twin oscillators. The drawbars serve as controls for these special voices. The M-solo is available in Matte Black and Matte Burgundy finishes.

Versatile Gig Bag

A great companion for the M-solo is the versatile soft “Gig Bag”, which may be carried by hand or worn like a backpack.


Who is the M-solo for?

Who is the M-solo for? The working piano player who’d like the classic Hammond sound at his fingertips. The small studio where space is at a premium. The mobile musician who carries his studio around, and the keyboard player who wants the real-deal Hammond experience, with an eye on economy in space, weight and financial consideration. It is also the perfect “Hotel Room” keyboard.

Hammond M-solo : Compact True Hammond Organ

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