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Quilter amps at massmusiK

Pat Quilter was reaching the end of a successful career as an engineer and founder of QSC Audio Products when he decided to rekindle his love affair with guitar amplifiers. Taking longtime QSC employees and fellow guitar nerds Christopher Parks (Quilter CEO) and Robert Becker (Quilter COO) along for the ride, Quilter built what is according to them “the fastest growing guitar amp company in the world today.”

It’s no stretch to say that the guitar world is divided into two camps: those who like Quilter amplifiers and those who have not yet heard of them. For those of you in the second camp, Quilter Labs produces guitar and bass amplifiers that deliver an authentic, stage–worthy vintage sound in a light, compact, and dependable package.

Quilter amps are designed and built in relatively small numbers in Costa Mesa, California, and they’re not exactly cheap. But according to Pat Quilter, they’re the “real deal for people serious about their work.”

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